We Are SCB

Courtney Pellettieri

How long have you been at SCB?

1 year.

How did you end up at SCB?

Sheyla Conforte (SCB’s Executive Director of Interior Design) reached out to talk about current opportunities within the interiors studio.  I was inspired hearing about her passion for the work SCB does and knew that the role would challenge me creatively and allow for me to learn and grow alongside like-minded individuals.

What initially attracted you to study design or pursue a career in design?

I knew I wanted to work within an industry that allowed me to be creative and early in my schooling gravitated towards art and design-based classes. I liked the idea of interior design because it combines art with function. Interior design starts with sketches, plans, and ideas and finishes with a built environment. Our work has the power to shape a person’s experience and create a lasting impact – and that is what attracted me to the industry.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are the same, which is what I love the most about working in the design industry. Sometimes my day begins with a team touchbase strategizing on upcoming deadlines and project priorities and other days it starts with a visit to an active job site. In my role, I have the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks so my days can sometimes be filled with space planning or test fitting various buildings, assembling furniture finish palettes or developing renderings for a design presentation.

What advice can you give to young or future designers and planners?

No idea is a bad idea. Sometimes it takes hundreds of bad ideas to land on the right solution. Part of thinking outside the box is by throwing out unique concepts and ideas – you never know unless you try.