We Are SCB

Mackenzie Anderson

How long have you been at SCB?

1 year.

How did you end up at SCB?

While I was in graduate school, I followed the design competition for the new O’Hare Global Terminal in the news. I used my public vote for the Studio ORD submission, which was my favorite. Two years later, I graduated and was able to land a job on the project.

What is the best thing about working at SCB?

The opportunities as a young designer are surprisingly abundant for a larger firm like SCB. I have been able to work on design competitions, start an internal Women’s Group for the Chicago office, and assist in design studies. You have to be eager and confident – and most importantly, ask questions.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to take my mornings slow when I get into the office. I drink a cup of coffee, say good morning to everyone, and talk with my project leader about which tasks I will be working on that day. Then I look down, get started, and when I look back up, it’s already 5 pm.

What advice can you give to young or future designers and planners?

You are your biggest advocate. You must speak up for yourself and not be timid about your experience level. Remember that everyone was once in your shoes, so make sure to speak up and ask questions if you genuinely have them.